Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended daily intake?

Recommended daily intake is based on scientific data on food requirements and indicates how much food an average healthy person needs for a balanced diet. Recommended daily intake is a simple and practical tool to see what you are eating or drinking and how much of your daily needs it meets.

What is the shelf-life of a Zagazoe! product?

If you store the product in the original packaging, the packaging shows a shelf-life that indicates how long you can store the product. If the shelf-life has expired, the quality of the product will slowly decrease. The speed with which that happens depends partly on the environment in which the product is kept.

How does 4_Retail guarantee the safety of its products?

At 4_Retail quality is an important priority. All our products are made with the greatest possible care. We work together with our suppliers to meet our high quality norms for our products. Our suppliers are obliged to use the so-called HACCP system, which is a system that focuses on producing safe products and guaranteeing hygiene requirements.

What about nutritional values?

Obesity among children should be prevented. That’s why we package our biscuits and pastries in portions that limit the number of calories. Added sugar, fat and sodium are limited as much as possible. But of course having too much may still be harmful.

What is 4_Retail’s policy for labelling its products?

4_Retail believes that consumers should be informed on the products they buy. This includes listing nutritional values, which is an important source of information for the consumer to be able to maintain a balanced diet. Please see the average nutritional value information on the products.

How does 4_Retail treat consumer allergies?

Some consumers are allergic to certain types of food or ingredients: the so-called “allergens”. In some cases a reaction might be very severe, even with microscopic amounts of the allergen. All our products come with allergen information for you to consult if you want to be sure.